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"Visiting A Farm? 'Be Safe and Sound' Says Safety Hound!" Video and Booklet

Do children from your school or community visit farms?

Are you a farmer who hosts visitors?

Make it a safe and happy visit!

Farms can be wonderful, enriching places for children to visit. But those children who have not grown up on farms lack farm safety awareness. The costumed mascots "Safety Hound" and "Safety Hound, Jr." provide an introduction to farms, information, and cautions which help to prepare children for a safe and happy farm visit. Produced by Perceptions, Inc. for the University of Vermont Farm and Rural Safety program with funding by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

A 12.5 minute video production, particularly suited for children Pre-K through 3rd grade.

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"A Guide To Teaching And Learning About Farm Visit Safety"

20 Pages, Soft Cover Booklet


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"Visiting A Farm? 'Be Safe and Sound' Says Safety Hound!" Video and Booklet

"When classes have seen the video they seem to listen better. I loan a copy of the video and the guide to teachers before they bring the kids to our farm" A Farmer

"I use the video with the children, and review the info in the booklet before trips to the farm where we go every year. Also, I run off the Group Leader suggestions for the parents who are coming to help. Then I use the Reproducible Page 'Help the Bus Driver find the Road to the Farm'. After the trip we do 'What is Hidden on the Farm?'" A Teacher

Video and Guide: $23.00 postpaid in U.S.A. Additional copies of the Guide, $2.50 postpaid. Added charges may apply for shipping to international locations.

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ISBN: Video - 978-1-880327-31-9
ISBN: Booklet: 978-1-880327-32-6

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