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"A Calf Grows Up:

The Story Of Vermontica, Her Family and Friends' Video"

A Calf Grows Up interweaves History, science and technology with dairying. It's the story of dairy farms, dairy farm families, dairy foods, dairy cows. . . and their calves - how cows can eat things like coarse grass and dried corn, and take from it what they need to make milk - good food for their calves and for people too. It's the story of how milk is made into other dairy products - ice cream, butter, yogurt and cheese. And how cows help us to continue to have productive pasturelands and beautiful countrysides. The setting for the story is Vermont, where there are almost as many cattle as people - but its message relates to dairying everywhere.

A 35 minute Video Production.

What the Reviewers Say:

"City children will be amazed, and farm community youngsters may enjoy this new slant on an everyday occurrence in their lives." . . .Joyce Hewitt, School Library Journal

"A Calf Grows Up is a solid introduction to the history and current practices of dairy farming. Recommended," Video Librarian.

"Imagine walking into the average video store and finding both older foreign films like 'Madame Rosa' and a mix of specialized nonfiction titles like 'L.B.J.,' 'A Calf Grows Up,' and 'The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union.'" Peter M. Nichols, The New York Times

". . .Charles Kuralt fodder. . . Videos don't get much prettier than this . . .Even as an adult I loved 'A Calf Grows Up.' It left me all choked up. And it's not a bit Disneyish. . ." Debbie Salomon, Burlington Free Press

$29.95 postpaid in U.S.A. Additional charges may apply for shipping to international locations.

Public Performance Rights Included

ISBN 978-1-880327-10-4

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"A Calf Grows Up: The Story of Dairying With A Guide To Teaching and Learning"

More than 100 Pages Spiral Bound Book


Comments about the Calf Grows Up Guide

"An outstanding Guide, provides an integrated experience" A Teacher

"Plain talk definitions of pasteurization and homogenization . . .diagrams of how the cow's food is grown, eaten and digested" A Dairy Educator

". . . helps our teachers to quickly learn about the intriguing digestive system of the cow, how a dairy farm runs, and follow the various stages that milk goes through on its way to becoming something more interesting like ice cream. . .a handy way to prepare for a unit," A Librarian

". . .The Video and the Guide together are a really helpful package - the children enjoyed the visuals on the reproducible pages - I haven't found a better curriculum guide for dairying," An Agriculture in the Classroom Educator

$7.00 postpaid in U.S.A. Additional charges may apply for shipping to international locations.

ISBN 978-1-880327-23-6

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